Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Syria's Low Resolution Revolution!

Since the Arab Spring made a pit stop in Syria and I am happy to say change rocking that country that for long have abused and intimidated its own people. They had a long track record of abuse toward opposition and anyone the deem "unfit" with the narrative that has been crafted the the rotten Baath party.

Now, the government has pledged to reform their system and allow more freedom by lifting the emergency law. Some people were content with those promises. But then the Arabs have gotten a word that Iran has sent troops to support the Syrian regime in quelling the protests. the image of non Arab Shi'ite troops beating up Sunni people in Syria did not set well with the Gulf States.

They decided to act, and by that they have ruined the Arab Spring in Syrian, instead of a people demanding freedom, it has become a proxy war between funded groups. In one side you have the Free Syria Army and the Muslim Brotherhood receiving aid from Gulf States and some parties in Lebanon. On the other hand, there is the Syrian army supported by Iran and given international cover by both Russia and China.

Qatar has led the fight in the international stage and the media stage (thanks to Aljazeera) and suport has began to build up for the Anti Assad coalition. However, as an observers,I have four areas of concern here:

  1. Why we have yet to see a high tech video with a decent quality of those so called protests around Syria. It's always a grainy image with crappy audio.
  2. Why there have been some many manufactured and fabricated stories coming form Syria (using images from Libya, Palestine and passing them for Syria, and some gay Syrian girl in Damascus that we are told been invented by some dude in Georgia.)
  3. If thr Arab Gulf really wants to give people freedom, why do not they start next door and answer to call of the people of Bahrain?
  4. If there's is no such thing as a free lunch, why is the West rushing to support Syria? What's in it for them?
I will always be with the people, not regimes, however, I really want to know this is what they really want. I often read polls in which Syrians say that are happy with the current regime. So it's is not broken do not fix it. It's easy to dismiss those polls and say they have been produced under intimidation.

I am starting to think that foe's (many Arab leaders included)would rather see a civil war in Syria that a united yet defiant Syria. they are disguising their agenda by caling from freedom--something that no doubt Syria needs.




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