Monday, August 06, 2012

Shootings in Rafah, Wisconsin and Madmen

Shooting in Rafah border, and the death of more than 15 Egyptian officers, I do not know who is behind this. Certainly most Palestinians would have no MOTIVE committing this senseless act of murder. I am now hearing and seeing more rage in Egypt that has been directed toward Gaza Strip and the Palestinians, some even want to see Egypt bomb Gaza.

I certainly understand the rage in Egypt, those fallen men are hero even in Palestine. And most people who work in the border are both Egyptians and Palestinians. The reality is, we do not knows many things, I happen to believe five things to be true:

  1. Egypt has ignored the Sinai desert--as they are also limited to what they can do due to the Camp David treaty.  
  2. In marginalized communities, extremists Muslims group (Jihad, Qaeda) thrive. And there are Palestinians reside in Egypt's border areas. 
  3. The current government of Egypt is Gaza's best friend in the world--they promise to east the siege and allow for freedom of movement. Why would Gaza want to crap where they eat? Plus, the government in Gaza and the one in Egypt stem from the same theological schools
  4. Israel/certain political groups in Egypt are not too happy about the government of Egypt acts of kindness toward Gaza.  
  5. The underground tunnels between Gaza and Egypt need to be demolished, there is simply no need for them and they have served their purpose until the siege was made lighter late last year. Now, they are used for greed and people who bring in weird people and illegal merchandise.

Having said that, I stand firmly behind the government to f Egypt as they try to figure out what really happened and wish people would just refrain from jumping to conclusions. I would also ask the government in Gaza not to give the one in Egypt a hug of death. They are not in office to make Gaza a better place, they cannot do that until Egypt is back to speed.

In other news

A CNN Anchor commented on the horrific Sikh shootings in Wisconsin by saying "Sikhs are often unfairly targeted" and he went on to talk about how they are often mistaken for Muslims.

So that also would mean mean, if the shooting and attack were on a mosque, this would mean those Muslims are fairly targeted.

My thoughts go to the people of Wisconsin and in the Sikh community at those difficult times. 




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