Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Three Different Phases Of Islamic States

I have been studying up on my history and found myself studying a book about the Muslims states and the history of Islam and governance. We all now see Islamic law leaning politicians winning elections and preparing themselves to rule over countries for the first time.  

I have came to a conclusion about the three different phases a Muslim State goes through
  1. The Inception Stage; we love everyone, everybody is welcome and they can worship as they wish. Fasting with the Jews of Arabia on Yom Kippur.  This is the good phase where we see a hug fist and tolerances high. This is when people wanted to join the religion based on their heart not some calculation. The Muslims were learning the principles of the religion--they were weak and poor but had a lot of faith in what to come.   
  2. The Vulnerable Stage, the Muslims had to live in this one after they were defeated in the battle of Ohod. They lost really bad during this war after the other army lured the archers to collect the spoil of war before the war has ended.  In the aftermath, revenge was the normal. Anyone who has mocked Muslim state or disrespect had his head cut off. They really had to scare off people so that they can buy time tell they make a comeback. At this stage many of the common rules do not apply as people are emotional than logical. Think Afghanistan, Yemen, Pakistan 
  3. The Mighty State: Islam prevailed, people have submitted and joined the religion, no need for violence or senseless murder, people know you are in charge. This phase started as the Muslims walked into Mecca and told their enemies, stay in your home and you will not be fought, you are safe and so is your property and money. It's in this stage where forgiveness and the real civilization took hold. Universities and education were made a priority.  The States would defend itself and fight back those who fight them. It was at this stage, when Arabs started translating the literature work of the rest of the world to learn from them. Think Turkey, Indonesia
This is not unique to Muslims, you do not see much violence and senseless murder in a strong and well developed country. But then, if you dare to cross one of those mighty countries of today's world, you will hear the answer withing minutes. I know the States know this very well, the moment something about the mishandling for the Koran or an inappropriate quote about Islam comes out--they try to make it right in a bid not to come across as someone who belittles the religion of Islam or its figures. 

While I have tremendous disagreement with some of the Salafi groups, I happen to agree with them on few things. For example, I have read that in Tunisia they have tore down a number of shrines where some Muslims go to worship by the graveside of some righteous person. Many got upset, but not me....God does not need a middle man to answer your prayer, he hears you. No need to go visit the grave of some guy to ask him to pray on your behald, this is bullshit. By the same token I disagree with those who forget that there are no sainthood in Islam.




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