Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Afghanistan Solution, How To Exit In Style

It's clear to me that the more extreme elements in the Afghan society are not slowing down and they are certainly not letting others enjoy their life or even leave them in peace. There is certainly too much bloodshed, guns and people with agendas. Again, if this is the people of Afghanistan fighting off an occupation I will stand with them, but they are also damaging their own people and destroying their own economy.

I say, it's time for action, the military cannot win this--there is nothing to bomb really. And the mountainous region is no help either. I would suggest, evacuate all females from the country and their little kids with them. Leave the men behind to kill one another. If the goal is to give women freedom, this way you do that.

Again this cannot be optional thing, you need to evacuate women form Afghanistan, keep them separate from the men who might force them or intimidate them. If the women chose to go back to be with their husbands, they can do that and you should wish them well.

But those violent elements in the society would also learn a lesson without women, their life is shitty and that might teach them a lesson in women rights. If women are really suffering, they would take this offer and make a new life for themselves in a place of their choosing. Most countries would welcome women refugees--it's the men who cause trouble.

This would be cheaper solution than keeping armies and weapons from a dozen nations. This would give Afghanistan a choice, they can start over and get away from all the abuses (real or perceived). I think about 10 million women  would take up the offer. Iran, the Gulf, Canada, America should absorb these ladies in. This way the bleeding hearts can celebrate, the conservatives, can cheer the cuts in military spending and nation building--less taxes.

The men meanwhile, will keep fighting, or dabble into homosexuality--which by many religious accounts can bring destruction upon a nation. So let the extremists destroy bring destruction upon themselves. Otherwise, the leaders of the free world would have to cut their losses and be stuck in Afghanistan forever.       





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