Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The One Way To Wake Me Up According To My Wife

True Story....

When I am tired, I dose off on the bed, I get in heavy sleep mode, and Roa knows that nothing can wake me up. That happened few days ago, I was exhausted, and was lacking in sleep. I slept while watching a comedy with her.

She let me sleep for an hour, but then she would not let me sleep early...and it's Ramadan, if you can eat, eat and do not sleep. So in order to wake me up...she used a fool proof trick. I learned this after I have gotten married.

It turn out no mater how tired I am, if I spot a plate of sliced up watermelons and a fork next to them, I will wake up, this is the bait Roa uses to get me back from my deep sleep. I have embraced it too. That's why Roa always makes sure, we got plety of watermelon--at least during the summer season.




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