Monday, December 20, 2010

an ER Breakup Gone Bad

Last week I went to the ER in the Washington Hospital Center, I was later told I was dehydrated and may have vertigo. Aside from that, at the Emergency Room (ER), there was this late 20s white guy who was brought in by the ambulance, not sure what his problem was but he annoyed the heck out of me.

He was on his stretcher, and on his cell phone the entire time talking in a very loud fashion. It was so annoying to me that it seemed he was speaking into my ear. That's not the worst part....

He was on the phone with his girlfriend, and he was very abusive to her...F this F that...Hell this hell that....It was really mad seems that his girlfriend was bothered by his verbal abuses and it was not hard to see why. He annoyed me with his language and I do not even know him. Then he got into "If you are not going to be there for me, when I am in the ER, then ...etc."

"I am the way I am, I talk like that...I say Sh*&, Fuc& all the time and it's not directed toward you, I just say these thing."

then things got heated as his girl was very broken down with this call, then this dude flips out...and says to the person on the other line, "F You and this is directed toward you!" and then he hangs up.

It was so random and so out of place, ER is not the place to be abusive and breaking up with people...ER should bring people together...but not this guy...I do not know him, but he sounded like royal jerk




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