Thursday, December 30, 2010

75 Percent Off

I live few blocks from a Target store, and every Christmas they bring all the fixings for this holiday...of course people who celebrate Christmas buy those lights, tress, and Christmas branded chocolates and other goods.

Two days after Christmas, their 75 percent off clearance signs come out and you star seeing the agnostics, atheists, Jews and the Hijab wearing Muslim ladies line up on those racks to pick those heavily discounted merchandise. Of course, I buy as much Christmas branded dark chocolate as possible. So at 75% off, you can get those who do not traditionally observe Christmas to celebrate it. This is America man....

We all love this holiday, everyone sees the Christmas spirit, some pay 100 percent for the experience others pay only 20% of face value. Some celebrate it on the 25th of December, I celebrate it too...two days later




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