Thursday, December 16, 2010

Find That Pork "Earmarks"

DC politicians and newly elected Tea Party love to hate on earmarks where congressmen get funding for a project in their district in exchange for giving their vote for a legislation. This is a standard procedure in Washington DC, that has been also known as pork. Everyone here hates it, even those who ask for pork hate it but they do not know how to stop the politics of pork.

I do not know one idea is if you want to keep your office pork free, one good start is to hire a Muslim, they really know better than anyone one else how to spot the pork and take it off the table. I mean that, most Americans do not know that there's pork in pretty much everything...a good devout Muslims knows his/her way around a world full or pork. So if you want to kill the pork here in DC, look for an Ahmad and give him a job.




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