Saturday, July 16, 2011

Confessions of a Backseat Driver

I do not drive, no, I cannot drive no, I am not permitted to drive and have never driven in my adult life.

So needless to say I can either get around using the bus or get a ride with a friend--never tried to hitchhike.

So, when you drive in the city, parking is the biggest concern, DC parking as not as bad as American cities like San Francisco, Boston or God forbids New York.

But to find an empty parking spot in the city in the weekend needs a miracle. I get fed up when those driving me keep looking for parking and not find one. So I get reckless at the sight of anything that looks like a parking space.

Driver: Do I fit here?
Hani: Yes, Sure but I am thinking to myself "Make it work please, I am sick of this all driving around"
driver: Can I park here?
Hani: Yes, it looks legit, thinking to myself "I just hope the parking enforcement people miss your car"

I know I am not alone in this, all other passengers in the car, they seem to want to just get to where need to go fast. It's not like we will be asked to pay any fines. Selfish for sure, but that's why the driver needs to make the sound decision!

This happens a next time your passengers all say "Yep!" at the time time, be suspicious. It's a conspiracy of the careless!




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