Friday, July 22, 2011

Things Great Only in Philly

I was in Philly yesterday and it was good to be back in this very homey feeling state. Everything about this state is different, its politics, its culture and most of all its food. I love to go down to Philly and expiration with various types of food. There is a very strong sense of food culture down there, they take pride in fresh ingredients, like Pennsylvania is the California of the East coast.

Sure the people in Cali are a bit better looking and thinner, but PA has all the smart people out there in business, industry and in academia. Not to forget the passion those people have for sports. It's not a joke up there. Same goes for competitive eating out there. Dairy, produce, bakery and meat are outstanding here. I know the locals might not call is their own, but Reading Terminal market is a true exprience for foodies.

One thing, I noticed, Philly does not levy tax on clothes, but you would think the people of that city have a better sense of fashion. This would be a very false assumption. I did purchase few items from the local Macy's, I got a sweet deal on this dressy Ralph Lauren slacks that I have wanted for a long time.

As I live in Washington, DC history is all around the city, so the history stuff wasn't a big draw for me. I have seen the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall and most of those sites. But this time around Roa and I wanted to check the local culture and did just that. Having nice break at Rittenhouse park next to the homeless was a lit like most of those DC parks.


Anonymous said...

was that at prince of steaks?



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