Monday, July 04, 2011

Fourth of July Boom, Music to My Ears

4th of July is awesome and hard to miss. Anywhere you go you find the spirit, even at the grocery store you go and there's everyone picking bags of chips, soda, meat...etc. Even those blame America crowd enjoy it too. But today I was sitting in my bedroom and the boom sound of those fireworks got annoying after awhile. Sure we are in the nation's capital and everyone has the right to light up some on this very American day. But it really got annoying really fast.

But then it hit me, it feels like for a moment there, America becomes like Gaza, where you have to hear a lot fo random boom and act like everything is ok! The boom in Gaza is real, the one here is fake, but there's not difference really, they are both loud, and most of all they are both legal. In Gaza however fireworks are illegal 365 days of the year, we do not have a reason to light them up, the Israelis kind of do that for us and we don't got to pay for them.

Drones, tanks and helicopters bomb any moment and sometimes militants launch homemade rockets at Israel (glorified fireworks really) and you are just watching on the sideline and hoping the next day will be better. Happy 4th of July everyone and don't mind me being jumpy every 4th.




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