Thursday, July 07, 2011

Once Again The French Pick On Muslims

I was reading a story on Aljazeera , that made my blood boil!

The French government must not have anything of importance to do in those days. After banning Muslim women from wearing they head cover and the niqab, they decided they are not done yet in picking on French Muslims and Muslims visiting France.

When most of the world is working to clean their financial house, the French are taking out their social complexes and problems on the Muslims living over there. A leaked document shows the next phase of secular France is most likely geared toward Muslims.

Here are few of those gems the French have come up with
  1. Cannot Pray in the streets anymore! But do not worry French orgies are still ok
  2. Cannot choose the gender of your treating doctor! FAIL I am sure good Christian women and Orthodox Jews are not too stocked
  3. Refusing to be deliver your baby by a doctor--here in America midwives still exist
  4. At restaurants Women have to eat in public places and not in a private place!
  5. No more permits for Halal food establishments--this is not good for business, French Muslims would start importing their food/meals form outside France.
The target is Islam in this case, here is one more bizarre story, a Muslim family whose kids go to a Catholic school are made eat fish every Friday in accordance with the school's catholic teaching. When the family complained about this, they were told the school is right and they are wrong. The family was also denied to get food from some other place.

I mean this issue is really complicated, but I get the feeling that France is going into the Nazi direction there especially with their social engineering and discrimination. I have no doubt that some Muslim immigrants in France are hard to get along with, but in this case two wrongs do not make it right.

Where is the principle of Freedom in this culture? You are free to be like us, but we the French government will not allow you to be you. I know the French taught the early Americans a lot of things, but maybe this time they can learn a thing or two from those Yankees about protecting the rights of individuals.


Jeremy Palmer on July 22, 2011 at 2:06 PM said...

Sounds like you need to eat some freedom fries and freedom toast.



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