Monday, July 25, 2011

The Terrorist of Oslo and Muslim Observations

The massacres in Oslo shock the world as they unfolded. I could not help but reflect upon the tragedy. At first I was shocked by it, but then my second thought was this, "I hope the killer does not look like me or have a name like mine" I knew there are thousands of Palestinian, Iraqi and North African immigrants living in that country. I have been to Norway in 2000 and have seen many of them. My brother in law also lives in Noway--away from any major city.

The terrorist of Oslo, says he hated Muslim immigrants and loved Israel so he killed close to a hundred people in Norway to "be heard".

Muslim terrorists say they hate western governments and love Palestine, so they killed in NY, VA, PA, Spain, London and all over the Arab/Muslim world.

Conservative here dismissed any attempted to understand the mentality of the terrorists. Any attempt to understand those terrorists would be an apology for those cold blooded killers. Progressives wanted to understand where this hate come from.

After the Oslo attacks, it seems the roles have changes, the motive of the killer is among many his hatred toward Muslims. Conservatives all of sudden are interested in listening. Progressives now are using this to make the point that terrors has no race or religion, they are no interested in listening this time around.

All agree murder is murder, but each one takes away something different for this tragedy. Norwegian Anders Behring Breivik is no hero for most, but those loud voices of hate in Europe's right wing must be ashamed of themselves. As one of their own destroys one of their key arguments "One Muslims are capable of mass murder"

I hope people in charge are not using this to score some political points, we all mourn today with Norway. From the comments I have seen so far on Arabic news websites, this is a huge shock even to those Muslims long portrayed as murders.




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