Monday, January 02, 2012

Indulge! You Are In The Washington Hospital Center

I was at the Washington Hospital the other day, here in Washington DC, and I have been going there often lately to visit a friend who is recovering from a stroke. Hospital is a place where people go to get better, a place where people who offer us health advise also work. A place where health should be put before profit. Here's something that confused me...

  1. In many corners of this campus, there are many vending machines selling water and pop soda. None that offers fresh fruits or anything of nutritional value.
  2. They have a full functioning cafeteria, selling deep fried chicken and other fatty foods and sugary beverages, I kid you not
  3. As you enter the main Rehab building, you are greeted by a full functioning cafe where fresh cookies are baked every morning along with tall coffees. The aroma from the cookies are hard to resist
  4. When you enter the hospital from bus depot, you can pick a dozen of flyers from various pizzeria who will deliver pizzas right to the hospital door--do not forget the extra cheese.
Sure, you can tell me the staff gets hungry and would like to grab some food. Again, people are grownups, they can make up their own choices about what to consume and what to abstain from. Maybe it,s that no fruit stand or healthy food vendor is interested in setting up shop in the hospital. Maybe the hospital wants you to get sick sooner and come back for a visit for which they would gladly bill your insurance or some government program.

I just think we are all a bunch of hypocrites who do not practice what they preach. I know that America is about choice and about creating value, but I still think it's outlandish to make such foods available in a hospital.




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