Thursday, January 12, 2012

حسسني أني رخيصة A Toilet Grade Song Recorded In A Bathroom

Some Lebanese lady (lady is loosely defined here) recorded a song to the beat of Katy Perry ET. While the original song was a celebrated one, this one belongs to the shitter. Make Me Feel Cheap, is the title of choice for this song.

The story behind this song is as bizarre as the song itself. Moe, some guy in Lebanon wrote the lyrics for this song and Shonda, is the girl you hear her voice on the track. She is asking for S and M sex with this guy, she is asking to be humiliated. Now, this is even weird for America's standards.

This is a bizarre song that allegedly was recorded in some college's bathroom. Puritan Muslims are inflamed, it only takes one distrusted individuals to get these guys up in arms. Now singer is asking to be abused, tortured and beat. In some minds, this is freedom. But when she receives those things, then human rights groups would have something to report on.
حسسني اني رخيصة

P.S. The pictures is for a Lebanese singer called Haya, Haya did a song titled "Ya Allah Shu Sexy", a crass way to say someone looks sexy.




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