Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Why I Think The Romneys Will Be A Dynasty

I hold a Masters Degree From The Romney Institute of Public Management, and I have nothing but love and respect toward the Mormon community. I think that Romneys are on their way to becoming the nexst great American political family.

Now, America had had already a number of powerful families in politics (The Kennedy's, The Bushes, and The Clintons) Mitt Romney is no stranger he saw his own father run for office and even compete for the Presidency, and now comes the song following in the steps of his father. Romney, the father was the governor of Michigan, the son was the governor of Massachusetts. It's easy for me to see one or more of his boys pursing higher office. Why not? They are well educated and good looking!

Mitt has five boys of his own, you can bet if he won office, one of these kids will be tempted to run and gain office somewhere and sometimes. It can start small, but the name recognition is key to winning a race.

Now in full disclosure, I might be making a big deal of this becasue I came from a land where the son does everything a father did. Looking around some Arab countries (The Mubaraks, The Assads, the Hashemite and House of Saud and so on) I never liked dynasties.

I do not know much about Mitt and his boys, I believe they are decent people. America is still a democracy, and people are free to run for office. Voters are also capable of sending candidates home too.

P.S. There was a study done few years ago that counted the gender of offspring of US Presidents. They found that histrionically speaking US presidents tended to have more boys than girls. Which the study concluded to a sense of competitiveness.




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