Friday, January 13, 2012

I Would Risk Getting Shot To Eat @ Checkers

I Would Risk Getting Shot To Eat A Checkers Hamburger, this is true. Just do not tell mom or she will get mad.

I am over the McDonald's hamburger phase of my life. Burger King and Wendy's are fine. But no other hamburger gourmet or just fast does the trick for as me does the fresh hamburgers from Checkers. Both their beef and chicken are something to savor. Their food does not taste like a food experiment, it just tastes good.

I am not sure if you know about this chain, I think it's mostly in place where people like NASCAR--Checkers is a sponsor. What I like is the spicy flavor most hamburgers lack. Checkers does not get intimidated by flavor and most people who seek their burgers realize this too.

However, there are only two checkers in the district. Neither of those neighborhoods would be considered safe for pedestrians and people who are not from there. They are both in NE DC, if you know DC, you would stay away from this area unless escorted--it's not that bad. So, most recently, I have teamed up with a friend who is a big fan of their burgers, she would drive Roa and I there. Luckily, my friend is pregnant so she has a super appetite now. Not to forgot their really thick shakes--I love the strawberry.

So last night, we both had a two of 4 burgers and they were still as good as they were years ago. There's no skimping. Fresh onions, pickles with a kick and cheddar cheese to top it.

So, I wish they would open more stores in the district, it's one of DC's best kept secrets. Sure, you still can find them up in Maryland too, but more stores might be in order. After all, this is just a drive through / Walk up to a window place, no dine in option. And by the way my friend is due in March! I am going to hit the checkers as long as she is not going to hit her labor.




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