Sunday, January 08, 2012

Free WiFi At Hooters And Other Stupid Ideas.

I was walking by downtown St. Louis and there was a hooters with their world famous wing and wing sauces and then at the door of that restaurant is little sticker that reads "Free WiFi". Not joke, the first thought in my head was Really? Who goes to Hooters for their WiFi?

I can imagine some guy telling his better half, "Honey, I am chatting with you via G chat using the internet at Hooters" Maybe this is all just another excuse for guys to take a trip to Hooters and not having to deal with the frowning faces. I mean, they all say they good for the wings. What they do not say is that the moon is also made out of cheese.

Can you imagine some guy going to Hooters after work with his laptop working on his TBS report with a side order of zesty wings? C'mon, I suppose you will tell me next that people go to hooters for their big screens.

Needless to say this particular restaurant is about 5 blocks away from the Budweiser stadium. Where there is also a Starbucks in proximity with free WiFi.

Do I sound like a grumpy old man now? I don't hate hooters or people who work there, it's just a company trying to make money and servers who are trying to make a living. But I think WiFi ruins the whole hooters experience.




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