Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Cynical On Politics, Health Care, and Palestine

A lot has been happening lately, I have become more cynical about many things around me. Whether it's a revolution in Syria or the struggle for health care here, I am very cynical about the process. And the situation in Palestine does not give me much hope either. I wish I can escape politics, but I really cannot it abandon it for two reasons:

  1. I am a Palestinian, politics is the bread and butter for me growing up. Everything in my life can be explained in political jargon. Like millions others, politics have led me to be where I am. If I cannot find my family on Skype, it's because they are out of power! Why you ask? Israel, has bombed their only power generating planet in 2008. And politicians in Egypt, Hamas, Fatah cannot seem to make a deal.
  2. I freaking live in Washington, DC, this American city that breaths politics. Everyone with an ambition in this world comes to this city. Whether they are Americans of Internationals, DC is like the place to be that person. There's no other city in the world like this city at the moment. National, local and international roads all meet here in DC. Never mind the think thanks and lobbyists who even rent spaces on buses and metro seats to make political points. So the moment you open your eyes, you are into it.
In other news, my favorite quote form a Supreme Court justice in the debate about health care is this: It's not that the government making you buy something, it's that those who do not participate in the market make it more expensive for everyone else. In other words, those who do not have health insurance, also get sick...when they do most often than not people like you and me end up paying for it. I know people on the right might deny it, but they get sick too, and get help as much. I also understand the right's worries about encouraging bad behavior, as insured people might not be as careful about their health when they are getting free care.




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