Monday, March 12, 2012

Waiting For Change At The Grocery Store

Since most items are priced something.99, it becomes hard to pay for something at the grocery store without having to deal with change from the cashier. take for example, a half gallon of milk at the Trader's Joe is 1.99--a bargain in DC. I give the cashier 2 dollars and I do not know what to do. I have two choices:
  1. Wait till the receipt print and be handed a one cent back from the cashier--waste time and look cheap.
  2. Walk away, the have the cashier panic, think you are rude.

What do you do? i often do not need a receipt for such transactions, if I pay cash, it means I am in a rush. But I do not want to insult the cashier and just bail. He might want to ask me to enter my email or bonus card or even give away my kidney for some charity.

I often find myself asking the cashier, I'm good?, can I go now? This seems to work out well for me as I do not waste time and the cashier knows I am jetting out of there. Luckily, most of my purchases are using plastic.




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