Friday, March 16, 2012

Jon Stewart And Palestine Reporting

Jon and his team know more about Palestine than any American decision maker in DC. Well, the decision makers know the truth, but they would not speak out becasue if they do, they will be adding a little title before their name "Former"! It's sad sad when someone who is meant to be funny can deliver the hard truth, which when it comes down to it, is pure simple logic.

So the US passed a law in 1990 telling the UN, it will cuts its funding or any agency that deals with Palestine directly. According to Robert Waxler from Florida--he is also Jewish. That this makes sure that the two parties negotiate together. Here's where the congressman reveals his a big goon:

  1. Israel does not want to negotiate anymore, they just want to grab more Palestinians land. What in the history of this particular Israeli government and the loons at its helm in charge makes you think they want to talk peace?
  2. Whoever wrote that 1990 law has received funds from the AIPAC--a Jewish lobby that works on behalf of Israel--look it up.
  3. The very idea of let the two parties negotiation without the UN meddling, is laughable. It's like telling the persons who has been raped that they cannot report to the police and instead they and the rapists need to make it work. Excuse me, this is how what he said registers in the Palestinian mind. He knows it, but he chooses to overlook it becasue he wants to be able to enjoy his dinner and call himself a "good guy"

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