Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My Issue With The Religious And The Non-Religious

I see the many Muslim voices wining elections in the Arab world, and I cheer and worry at the time time. Many conservatives seek culture wars with those who are secularists or the non-religious among us . This is not exclusive to one country, I see and read about this struggle here in America between the right and the left.

However, I think neither have the absolute truth. Diversity of opinion and ideology is a good thing, it should be encouraged. I do not think it serves a great purpose if you try to convert someone from one school of thoughts into another. Otherwise, who will keep you in check? We cannot all think and see eye to eye on everything--God created us different for a reason.

Here's me two observations on this matter:

  1. The religious among us tend to view their faith as their own property. As one does with his or her property, they protect such valuable. So if someone who does not belong near that property, he or she can be shot because they are trespassing on private property. Yet no one owns an idea or owns a religion. No matter how the religious try to sell it...they do not own their religion, it's meant to be shared. There's no reason why Afghans should lose their life as they are upset with the burning of the Koran--a book that holds human life sacred. Likewise, the right in America should not put more value on their own life, then they put on an Afghan one.
  2. Leftists or secularists tell you it's a fair game to say whatever they want about any topic in the world. So religious people should accept that. While, I agree with that concept, I have yet to see secularist get fired from his or her job for badmouthing their boss. They are not naive to say stupid stuff about things they do not like in their lives. Thus, they pretend that they always talk about what troubles them with something. Yes, they never talk back to a police officer. Because if they have done that, they would become social pariahs, unemployed and might find themselves in jail.
I think everyone needs to step back a little bit and just chill.




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