Wednesday, October 13, 2010

War is Good for Art

War is horrible, the death and destruction it brings is cruel. No one should have to live it or see it becasue it's inhumane. But as I have seen in a number of gallerias here in DC, the bigger the tragedy in one region, the bigger to turn out for the gallery opening.
  1. Artists from countries where they have wars have easier times selling their artwork as more people become interested in their work and in their region. I guess it makes good conversations and bragging rights for those wealthy few.
  2. Areas where they have conflicts is a rich topic for feature films, and more A list stars will appear in the movies. Can you tell me how many movies about Nam, Iraq and Afghanistan they have made? There are many becasue there is interest.
  3. Documentary films are also popular about regions of conflicts. There are thousands of documentaries about Palestine and Sudan. No one cares to make a movie about Norway or other peaceful nations. It's boring.
  4. Play-writers, actors, and painters all can give us better art becasue of the war drama and destruction. Thus wars enrich their senses and brings the best in their emotions as no one can tell a story as a sad person can.
So the next time you see an artist speak against war, you should remind them that they are missing the point a tragedy can offer them as artists.




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