Thursday, October 25, 2012

DC's Dog Parks And The Easily Irritated People

Each morning like every morning  I walk to work. Thus, I pass by the famed 17 and S street dog park on the borders of the Dupont Circle and U Street area every day twice. Today was a little different, as I strolled down the street heading for work this morning, some guy who lives in a building across the street form the park was screaming from his bedroom---"Enough parking already!"

People in the park were giggling as few dogs gathered--one particular dog was being loud and obnoxious. There were attempted to stop the dog parking, 30 seconds later, the same voice comes, "Make It Stop Please!". I think it was funny to hear this kind of exchange in the early morning.

Seconds later the dog stops parking, and the same voice shouts "Thank You!" I wasn't the only one to notice, others including bystanders could not miss it. I consider myself as a dog friendly person which means, I do not pet them as they pass by, I only smile and stay out of their way.

I thought it was funny that people pay top dollars to live in that particular neighborhood, only to be awaken everyday by parking dogs. You might not hate dogs, but you may appreciate your sleep a little bit more than you appreciate those fuzzy creatures.  

I find it intersting that some people tolerate parking dogs, but when it comes to crying babies, they get easily worked up. Thus those people are often the first people to complain in a restaurant if a baby cries.    


Jeremy Palmer on November 2, 2012 at 6:42 AM said...

Hi Hanitizer,

I liked this post! I can't believe the dogs were parking cars themselves!



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