Thursday, October 04, 2012

50 Percent Republican 50 Percent Democrat

As I speak to many Arab-Americans in Washington, DC and beyond, I realized as a people we tend to agree with 50 percent of what the Republicans are saying and 50 percent with what the Democrats are saying. Yet, the majority of Arab-Americans tend to favor voting for the Democrats. For one reason, they feel there's space for them in the big tent. Whereas the Republicans do not let Arab-Americans, Hispanics and other groups welcome in their party.

In fact, many of the base of the Replication party can be hostile to members of those groups, which leads to many tense moments. The GOP does not do retail politics, they can only preach, I will lover your taxes, join me, but I ain't going to talk to you or pander to you.

Arabs are socially conservative and they hate to see anything go to waste, but in issues of foreign policy, Democrats get their votes. Even though Republicans tend to deliver better than Democrats on issues of importance to the community. I think the reason for this, GOP talks on issues like Lebanon/Palestine and Israel in terms of the Bible--for many of them it's a real estate guide. While Democrats tend to be more pragmatic.

The GOP really needs to try to pander to other communities, Arab-American also like their guns too, don't let that scare you, looking at you GOP.    




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