Wednesday, October 24, 2012

This Fiscally Conservative Farce

Republicans like to lecture Americans and the rest of the world about the need to stop the "dependency culture." They are often right to make that call, it also pleases some people. I too think government doe waste a lot of resources. But my issue with such mentality is it often comes form someone who has not lead by example.

Correct me if I am wrong:

  1. Do you know one Republican old Tea Party politician who has turned down the health insurance bought to them with taxpayers money  I do not know a single person to walk away form this perk.
  2. Do you know one Republican, who tells the government, I do not need my pension. Do what you like with it. I do not know anybody that has done something like that.
  3. I find it also funny that Republicans tend to have the largest offices and staff in their congressional offices. They are not paying for those, the taxpayers are. They even use taxpayers to buy cookies takeout lunches.
So it's OK for them to get a government handout, but it's not OK for that while single mother, Mexican family or black family to get food stamps? I never liked people getting stuff for free, it does not work. But people who get such handouts do feel bad about it. Isn't time for fiscally conservative members of Congress to give back to taxpayers. Most of these people are rich anyway, have other jobs, and have a spouse that works--where they can get health insurance.

I am writing this not because I like to pick on Republicans, I just like people to be consistent. I find peace in the fact that America and its politicians are still far less corrupt that other places in the world. 




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