Sunday, October 14, 2012

On Selective Faith, Muslim Rage And Spitting

I find is interesting that most people of faith are so quick to have faith when it comes to their our religion yet they are so quick to dismiss it when it comes to other people’s religion. I am talking about the mainstream, and not the vocal extreme that always makes it to the news editing room.

The Koran is filled with stories and examples of miracles and issues pertaining to faith, we as Muslims are thought many stories form the Jewish, the Christian  faith as well as other religions too. We are asked to believe them. Noah, Moses, Abraham  Joseph, Mary and many more. In my observations, Muslims tend not to be as selective about other faiths.

Sure many Jewish and Christians may think that Prophet Mohammed is fraud, but in his teachings they are both revered in Islam and so are the books they came with. Muslims take all the stories of the prophets--the ones we know of and the ones we are unaware of to be true. Most choose to believe miracles and blessings God has passed on to certain individuals even if they had to suspend the rules of physics.All Muslims believe in the Virgin birth, even though a lot of Christians question it.    

So, next time you see an angry Muslims projecting intolerance  know he does not understand his religion very well. A gloried movie trailer, an ad on the subway or Metro, a guy burning a copy of the Koran are nothing to be alarmed about. They should know that any insults and disrespect for Islam, its teachings and its main prophet is nothing more than a spit in the sea. It does nothing and changes next to zero!

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