Monday, October 22, 2012

"I Will Sue" My Friends Favorite Phrase

OK, she is not good friend, she is an acquaintance. But I have noticed that my friend who is African-American like to yell, "I will sue" whenever anything goes wrong. At the Frozen Yogurt place, as she was serving herself some hot chocolate, she spilled some on her hand, she yelled, "I will sue" This was my first time hearing say that.

Then at the drive through, they mixed up her order, and she yelled at the person serving her that she will sue them. She seems to restore to this talk whenever anything and I mean anything goes a way she has not anticipated. Which makes me wonder, if African-Americans use such threat to even the filed that they may see as rigged against them. It might be the the collective society gives sub-bar services to African Americans promoting them to make such threats to make things right or let others take them seriously.

I do not know, but my friend might be this way because of some experiences she have had. But then the guy, we bought the car from is also African American, as he was driving us back to our place, in a Narrow New York Avenue street, a truck almost hit him. When I told him this was "close", he looked at my with pride and said,  "Had he actually hit me, I would have owned the company he works for by the time I am done suing them"

This is not African American thing, people like to make things right, I know my friend June from Alpine Utah, once sued in small claims court a business for messing with her, she won her case. While,  luckily, I have never had to sue anybody. I find communication is the best appraoch to solving conflicts, mediations can also be used if needed.

I have also heard that other minorities like the legal system here--which is good. It's a tool to make things right for them. I say, stay out of trouble, be careful and give people the benefit of the doubt. If that fails and you are still wronged, then go for it--the lawsuit.




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