Monday, October 08, 2012

Sorry Subway, But I Hate Your Sandwiches

Subway is one American chain I can care less for. I have tried few times and each time. I try to really like it, but I fail to fall in love with America's biggest sandwich chain. The food tastes bland, it lacks flavors and it almost always comes with an after taste in one's mouth. I did get sick once at college after eating Subway, but I do not hold that against them. Yet, I am still not too pleased with their subs. I am certain, they have a huge budget for adverting and they are everywhere, but nothing makeup for a sub-par taste.

At best it tastes like chewable cardboard. The bread lacks that distinct bread taste, and has a strange texture. The meat is anything but fresh--now we know they do not slice their meat in the back of the store but in some factory in Iowa. And the fresh produce are really fresh, but fresh does not always mean good tasting. It's if Subway has pledged to purchase only the freshest produce in exchange for a good taste. Mass production sacrifices the flavor of the food.

Then all those  lackluster combinations they make--the best thing about the sub is its creative marketing name, but the end product often disappoints. This is not an issue of healthy food--even the fattening versions of Subway creations disappoint in the taste test. I think they have also made it a lot more confusing with their different charts and prices for foot long, it's like gambling, you never know what to order.

I do not have any of those experiences at their rival stores--Quiznos and Arby's offer plenty of taste and freshness too without that after taste I only seem to get at the Subway. I am hardly the only one to write about this, just to be sure about it, I asked Roa to join me for a lunch in two different occasions, and every time she gets upset by the food we order from the Subway.  And the sad part is, neither of us are food snobs.     




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