Thursday, September 16, 2010

Blame It on the Economy

Again I revisit this subject, the higher the unemployment in a country, the more protests and social disturbance this country has. Many in Muslim/Arab countries faces protests and uncivil acts becasue there is a large people of unemployed men with nothing to occupy their time but to get outraged.

People have jobs are less likely to incite violence and scream at publish rallies about whatever that is pissing them off.

Withe current lousy US economy, you have the Tea party people saying the craziest stuff (Muslim Monkey God, Hispanic immigrants, black politicians, trashing white liberals)

The US had had a bad economy for about two years, what have they done so far? They burn Korans, slash cabbies drivers, piss in mosques, intimidate immigrants and so on. Imagine having a bad economy for at least adecade.....that's what most Muslims have been facing.

I think these waves xenophobia will continue as the economy continues to head downward, and only a better economy will save us and bring social harmony.

Just look at Gaza right now, Hamas facing with a weak economy, they are banning all sort of things and exposing intolerance (women cannot smoke Hooka or ride bikes, men have to wear under shirts on the beach...etc.)

all I am saying is this, "Desperate people commit desperate acts and people are people "


Anonymous said...

Yap,Desprate people committ desprate acts because they lost the power and their self-confidence.With concentarting on such desprate acts,they convince themselves that they still have this power -- while,in fact,they don't.



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