Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Speaking of Bad Ideas

A friend of mine just broke up with her boyfriend....that's sad, but in my friends' case it's a tragedy.

Whatever you do, never hook up with your dry cleaner...I do not care how good looking she is. do not do it. AVOID at all costs especially if you live in a building and she/he runs the dry cleaner store.

You cannot escape it, she is your only choice to get your dirty laundry clean....from the clothes you wear she/he will know if you spilled something on them. she/he will be able to find out what kind of food you eat and all that jazz. you will be ambrsed to tell her where you got those stains.

Heck she might do voodoo for you through your clothes. Sure you can avoid her/him and never dry clean your shirts...your co-workers will hate you and start a Facebook group to try to get you to take a shower.

what do I know, I will wait to her your adventure. Ut's ever worse if this person also sings for your packages....Go ahead and order that special magazine...oh boy!




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