Friday, September 10, 2010

You Know It's Eid When....

Just got back from the Eid prayer in the DC Islamic Center, here are few random thoughts on this happy occasions.

  1. Thanks Goodness for the Pakistanis who dress up and come to Eid prayer in bright and gorgeous customs. We Arabs if it was not for the Moroccans, do not have much fashion to show for.
  2. I think DSW does a lot of business around the Eid as most people coming to the mosque have nice and sparkling shows. I also think DSW hires people to come steal those shoes away from Muslims as they pray. And those the ones you see at the sale racket at the end of the store. BTW, why do all Muslim Males opt for slip-ons on day of the Eid?
  3. You know the first person to offer to shake hands with you once the prayer is over is 9 out of 10 the polygamist guy. You know he got the skills and he is never afraid to ask.
  4. You can always spot an Egyptian at the prayer service, they are the ones who talk about their father and their mom's date cookies.
  5. Palestinians never smile at the Eid prayer service. Not sure why that's!
  6. Get your Hijab wearing sisters, meet them all at the local restaurant, where they serve large portions of meat. Apparently this Eid around, Japanese grills were the place to run into your Muslims brethren.




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