Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Relative of the Month

Majid is my younger brother who is the tough guy in the family (he is now a family man of 4 cute little girls)

Majid has been our muscles guy for my brothers who are in business, sometimes it pays to have someone who can tell people to walk away or else.

Majid has been sort of my brother keeper, even though he is younger than I am...he always got my back in school or the street.

As kids he would hate me becasue my parents always tell him, "Why cannot be like Hani?" He was the anti-Hani....he has been to Israeli jails three times, he served in the PA quasi army in Palestine where he is still employed. He never cared for school,(Now he went back to college.

Majid called me last week and asked me to get into a business with him, he wants to start an egg laying chicken business. I told him maybe next year and that's becasue I really like both and chicken.

We do not really look alike, at all....I am older than him by a year, 4 months, and two days.




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