Thursday, September 23, 2010

Mohamed Eskandar WinS!

Can a song lead to protest? popular folksy singer Mohamed Eskandar, the guy who is old enough to be grandpa released a song in May 2009 with the title Joumhoureyet Alby "The Republic of My heart" in which he tells his love that she should not get a job and sort of sit at home where she is cared for and pampered. Needless to say Lebanese women rights activist had a rally or two protesting this song and its message.

But the singer and his team outsmarted all of those critics. They released a music video for the song, where instead of singing to his girlfriend, Mohamed Eskander is telling his daughter who just graduated to chill at home. I think the music video is funny in a good way, where you can see women graduating from college, working and pampered. What girl will protest that?

I do like the semgnet of the song where the boss tries to harass the female and then her dad loses it and put s gun in the boss' mouth. Good Job Mr. Eskander

Mohamed Eskandar - Joumhoureyet Alby / محمد إسكندر - جمهورية قلبي




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