Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Adidas Sponsors Occupation! Boycott Adidas Please!

Boycott Adidas Please!

The world famous sport apparel company was a prime sponsor for an all Israeli marathon held in Occupied Jerusalem. This is just stupid because most countries and most business know that the future of Jerusalem has not been determined. This is not politics, this is a universally accepted truth. Worse, the marathon took part of East Jerusalem, where the vast majority of the city residence live. So Adidas is actually dragging their countryy and with it the entire brand.

So when this company sponsors a marathon in an occupied territory, forgive me if I conclude that they support a morally wrong act. The Arab sport committees working through the Arab League have moved forward with boycotting this company and its products. During their last conference in Saudi Arabia, the decision was passed. (details here)

This is a boycott on a moral ground not a political one. This is a company choosing to sponsorship a sport event that clearly stares, Israeli Jerusalem on its promotional materials. So Adidas took a side, I did not chose this fight. While its true the Palestinian residents of Jerusalem only run when they are chased by Israeli soldiers, its still no excuse to make this political decision.

So, I know I will not be buying a new pair of Adidas Supernova. Adidas Sponsors Boycott Adidas Please! We did not make this political, by choosing to sponsor this marathon, Adidas is no longer just a shoe company. Therefore, we are all free to throw the proverbial shoe.


Steph said...

Ugh! I hate when companies involve themselves in things like this. Even outside of moral/political grounds, why do companies do things that will piss off a large amount of people? Bad business decision.



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