Wednesday, April 04, 2012

They Made Fun Of His Engrish, He Killed Them

Plus he was crazy....

When the story of the shootings in California, and reports of the murder of 7 people has surfaced, I was saddened like many. A former nursing student was charged with murder and attempted murder on Wednesday in a shooting rampage that killed seven people and wounded three others this week at a small, Christian college he once attended in California. Nothing bets a nurse who wants to do some damage to otherwise healthy individuals.

The suspect in the shootings at Oakland's Oikos University, 43-year-old One Goh, described by some at the school as an outsider.

But aside from his mental issues, the shooter was sick of people mocking his English as this tiny college. His classmates where from India, Nepal and other places. He lost his mind and went on a shooting spree.

This is madness, how was he able to get a gun? Can anyone in America get one? Even those who are not citizens? What the rules? Maybe he stole it. Not sure yet.

But now, I am reminded by how many times people made fun of accent, and my English, sure it was fun for them, but it was no joy ride for me. I thought after a while it was rude...but at first I thought it was cute. Most people who mock others people accents have not really spent time with people with accents. More often than not, you are the first non native, they come across. When you tell them to stop...they will stop and apologize for their lingual bullying.

I do not ask them to stop, I do not shoot them either. I do ask them to try to say the same thing in my language--only then they will feel stupid.




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