Thursday, April 05, 2012

Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament For Gaza

My sister in law and her husband are coming to visit us here in the States this month. They are fleeing the siege and no power, little water and weapons everywhere to be with us for three weeks. We are really thrilled about their visit to us. But since life is so hard in Gaza right now--and many places too, I want to take them to an activity that will make them feel better about life in Gaza.

So it took me some time, but I have finally figured it out, I will be taking them to Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament. Think about it....everyone at the show is scary looking and looks like they can really hurt you.

Little food, everyone is armed, there's no power, just candles. No fuel or cars to people use horses--also common in Gaza. They do not bathe back then as often. And yes wars, and diseases are everywhere around you. I think being part of this show will allow them to see the good things about Gaza. What do you think?




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