Monday, April 16, 2012

Why Do You Hate Your Own Recorded Voice?

I have been recording my voice for a film about Syria. The editor wanted my help as he does not speak Arabic, so he asks me to voice some of the lines interviewee say. This helps him in the editing process. Too many takes and too many times, I had to listen to my own voice, and to be totally honest, I freaking hate it.

It really can drive you mad sometimes. This might be a ruthless way to torture people--I mean if we must torture anyone to begin with. No one ever likes to hear their own voice, not even seasoned singers. It's painful as you hear yourself utter words, you start telling yourself thing like:

  1. Gosh, do I sound like that?
  2. Who is this efer? And why does he sound like me--only weirder
  3. Is this is how many soul sound?
I have finally understood why artists are paid a large sum for their work, no one should be made listen or watch themselves recorded.
So, here's a tip for people who are in the torturing business, have people record their own voice, and play it over and over, then will lose their cool and ultimately lose their mind.




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