Thursday, May 17, 2012

Arabs Might Not Swim Well, But Arabian Horses Do

Not too many Arab people can tell you they are good at swimming, many are no doubt, but most have a fear of water. But horses tell a different story.

Horse Swims 3 Miles 3 Hours!

An Arabian horse named William was rescued from the sea on Tuesday after he got spooked and ran into the water, swimming two miles out to sea. The 6-year-old horse bolted from a beach photo shoot near Santa Barbara, Calif. and plunged into the ocean, launching a rescue effort that included helicopter searchers. He was finally spotted two miles from the shore, swimming toward oil rigs. Rescuers attached a hook to the horse’s reins and pulled him into a boat. He was examined by a veterinarian and released back to his owner.

Horse takes three-hour swim in ocean after getting spooked during photo shoot on California beach. Owner Mindy Peters said the 6-year-old Arabian, whose official name is Heir of Temptation, was part of a photo clinic on the beach when it was spooked by waves and ran off.

So a man with a camera scared the Arabian, just like we human we freak out when we see an identified man with a camera....could it be he is working for one of those national security agencies? 




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