Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Food Riots, My Bland Tasting Chicken and GMOs

Often Times, people talk about how food does not taste real and how food items like chicken, seafood and produce now taste bland. It's not that I disagree with them because I do agree with those observations. But this is why America has so many sauces and salad dressings, they help give flavor to otherwise dull food. No one needed sauces in the country side in the turn of tastes good naturally.  No need to modify the taste or add some flavor to it.

Now a 10 years later, the world keeps on growing, and no sign this growth is slowing down. The more the merrier is how I live my life too, but when it comes to food something had to give. I come from a family of 10, so I won't preach the virtues of birth control and all that spiel. America and the world has found it easier to solve the food crisis than to tell people how many kids to have.

So they went to work working on genes, and harvesting better crops, that requires less water, less heat, less this and more that. That's why now food is so cheap in many parts of the world. America really feeds the world, all that corn and wheat, beef, potatoes in middle America helps maintain America's soft power. By controlling so much of many basic goods America has the upper hand without even firing a bullet. To their credit, they do some charity work with that food too. But we are all self interested, so charity is nit the first thing policy makers wake up with every morning.

GMOs, Hormones....and farm seafood are all necessary evil, we simply cannot afford to get on our collective high horses and preach that such things are bad for us. It's either these things or starvation. Have you checked out the price of an organic chicken lately? I bet you did not. My point is, to make food like my grandparents had would be costly and in fact sometimes selfish. A gallon of milk is cheaper than some high end gallon of water, do the math and give me call.

Food riots are nothing strange, in order for this world to be peaceful, food prices have to be as low as possible, and that's a relative term. No one wants to live in a world where people cannot afford the food, because this world will be anything but peaceful. So, go ahead and add all the sauce you want on those chicken breasts, you picked for $6.99 at frozen food section. If you enjoy a Mac Jr. hamburger for a dollar, you do not need to ask what's in it, it fills you up. I bet you could not make it if I have given you 3 bucks. By the same token, the watermelon might not be that sweet, but its price sure is.        




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