Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Illusion Of Absolute Freedom In America

I love America, and I like the many things we can do here. However my idea of America has never been that in which I dub America is a free for all society where anything goes. I once left a place because the lawless land can never be a free one. Freedom does not mean chaos, which seems what people mistake for democracy. For democracy to work, we have to have order.

Think about this:

You will never live in a free country and you will never find one to call home. If this is a problem for you then you have been looking at nothing but mirage. In America you are not free to incite violence, you are not free to tell jokes on airplanes now are you free to park in the middle of an intersection and block traffic. You are not supposed to walk naked in the streets even though technically you are doing no harm. And I think such things make America a better place. You do not have the absolute freedom to do anything you want in America, and that's a good thing, because living somewhere with absolute freedom means you live in a little place called Somali.

There are countless different laws and rules that come with existing in American, and the people have put such rules for a reason. Why else would we have stupid laws if it was not for someone making it necessary to pass such laws and ordinance. As a collective, people have to give their consent for such rules even they might overturn them or strike them later. In a republic doesn't scream "Hey you, go do whatever the hell you want." To me it means that no one else is supposed to step on your rights, violate you or wrong you. If that happens then the society with its institutions will make it right. This was defined a civilized society. But if stop being civil, then we really have no use for a civilization.




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