Thursday, May 17, 2012

Does Sacha Baron Cohen Support The Israeli Occupation

Sacha Baron Cohen loves to mock all and everything Arabs and Muslims. All of his three popular movies go out of their way to vilify Arabs and Muslims, like he did in his second film, interviewing some Palestinians guy and labeling him a terrorist. Ayman Abu Aita, a not for profit worker who was labeled terrorist in one of Sacha's movies, The guy sued Sacha in the district of Colombia two years ago. What does a show about a gay model have to do with Palestine beats me. His first movie is also about a journalist from a Muslim republic who does crazy stunts and shows a great deal of ignorance and resentment toward Israel--this really felt forced.
 Bruno and Zionist propaganda?

Now comes the third movie, the Dictator about an Arab/Muslim leader who is designed to make the entire Arab and Muslim faith look bad. While No one has seen the movie, form the many clips and trailers, it's hard to conclude that the movie will have anything nice to say about Muslims and Arabs. Looking back at the place that shapes Shacha's funny bone the London based comedy group Habonim, a group that describes itself as "a Socialist Zionist Culturally Jewish youth movement". Cohen comes from an observant Jewish family, he is a partisan of the Israeli cause

I'm sure when the topic of his support to Israel and its illegal occupation of Palestinian land, he will say this, "I am not engaged in those discussions" Fair enough, but why does bulk of his work focuses on making the Palestinians-like he did in Burno look despicable? An analyst from, who was duped by one of Bruno's pranks had this to say about him "He is exploiting our tragic and painful conflict in the most cynical and deceptive manner. I doubt he'll give us anything in return."He cannot just punch one guy and smile in the face of the other guy and then look at the camera and say I am not taking sides. Take this example, Sacha found enough time to slam the protest over Toronto Film festival for its Tel Aviv event
Sure his movies can be funny because using a certain group as a punchline works. I have yet to see one movie or a statement from the actor picking on someone else other than Arabs and Muslims. Sure he did a good job in Hugo--a good movie by the way. It seems that any movie he leads, writes, produces will be doing nothing but advancing stereotypes about the Arab people. He wins when hos movies make a killing and he also wins when he sees his political agenda creeps into the mainstream culture. 

Sacha is free to think what he wants and make any movie he likes to make, but he is not free to claim impartial to the conflict. I only ask that he should be labeled as so, just like Israel labels those international activists and punch them in the face. 


RG said...

I recently was searching around for opinions on an old movie called Blazing Saddles. This movie throws the "N" word around as well as a lot of other bad words. What is interesting is few black people were offended. I think everyone is secretly happy to see themselves in a movie even if that movie is disrespectful. What Cohen is doing is shining a light on a very censored area of the world. I think instead of provoking anger, this weird freaky crazy guy who is very not white might actually be inspiring young Arab people to pick up a camera and make fun of their own countries. Clearly times are changing in the Arab world. There is a chance Cohen has a better chance of bridging cultural gaps and healing old wounds than anyone else on earth right now. More power to this impish Jewish rascal.

visc3ral on September 24, 2012 at 2:04 PM said...

I've totally gone off the guy now.All he does is mock arabs and Muslims these days.At best ,that's hugely insensitive for a Zionist Jew to be making jokes at the expense of Muslims.



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