Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Great! I Love Baseball Now

I am open to changing my mind, this time, I have changed my mind on what I think of Baseball. In the past I thought it was a boring game. I was coming from a mentality that the game should draw you in every single second, like soccer, something it always happening and you are on the edge of your seats. It's a game you go to to relax and get excited once in a while, you do not really have to watch every second of the game, you can take a break and come back and the game still would make as much sense as it did before you have  walked away.

But in baseball that factor is largely missing, there are moments when you are on the edge of your seat waiting for something exciting, but in general Baseball is a slow game. Then it hit me, the game itself should be only one part of the experience. I have concluded that going to baseball game at a ballpark is a true cultural experience. It turn out that it's a place where memories are shaped where young and old flock to see a game, but entertain themselves with various kinds of food--hot dogs is the all time original.

But for me, being with my friends and talking about the game and different things, then sharing a laugh over that drunk guy who is screaming various chants including but limited to "Let's Get Sexy!" all counts for the experiences. Then the giant screen they have, various movie clips they play, and the camera rolling showing dancing and all sorts of activities among the fans. The music they play also contributes to that atmosphere. Kids can be kids there, and couples can do what couples love to do....it's sort of bringing an entire community and letting them be themselves altogether in public.      

But perhaps the most fun part was dressing in my hometown baseball team color with a cap, only to be talked to by strangers who feel strongly about their team who just beat my own. It was a fun exchange on the metro like none I have ever had.

Sure, there are things, I still do not enjoy like overpriced mediocre foods and crowded everything, but at least for me this was a rare and beautiful outing.   




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