Monday, January 31, 2011

My Favorite Song For Egypt by Shadya

The finest and the best song about what's great about Egypt, for the past four decades this song has been the rallying cry for Egyptians. When we think of people loving their home, this song comes to mind and the pictures of the people of Egypt standing to salute their county and their flag.

The slideshow that accompanies the iconic song reminds us of the great sights in Egypt, a tour in its history and thought its streets. And now we see the people on the streets marching to bring about change in their home country. Most of the citizens of the world stand united behind the people of Egypt who are doing their best to bring an end of the rule of the pharaoh.

Delivered by the daughter of Egypt and princess of her time Shadya, the Egyptian diva that retired years ago. However, Shadya songs never get old and this song of hers will be forever the most popular song ever written about the motherland. The lyrics, the music and the vocals are unmatched and likely will remain so.

Ya Habibti Ya Masr Shadya




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