Monday, January 10, 2011

Food Quality vs. Health Care Quality

Have you ever wondered if there is a correlation between a country national cuisine and the quality of that country's health care?

Think about it,
India, great food, not so great hospitals.
China, I would not go to a hospital there.
Arabic food is tasty and awesome, not many people come here form health care.
Mexico, colorful food, only those who are risk averse go for surgery there.

Germany, lame food world class health care.
The Scandinavian countries, not popular food, best overall health care.

The US is somehow the exception, they have the best food (from all over the world) and second to none health care. Which creates a problem in my cannot have both great food and good health just does not work out this way.

You cannot let people indulge in great food and do damage to their health and then have them knock on your hos;ital "Please help me live longer" Look at Mississippi for crying out loud, amazing deep fried food world famous, and fattest people in the nation. Do you know any great hospitals down there? I do not. It now makes sense why so many people upset with this health care. In America people have choices to eat their lettuce and eat their deep fried cheese sticks.....they also have access to premier health care.

So here it goes, you can have one but not the other.

P.S. not sure what to make of Italy, good food, but I do not think they are good at running anything right, hospitals are no different. of Course, I would love to add France to the list, but they are always on strike.




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