Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Odd Stuff Arabs Like to Take Pictures of

As someone who has witnessed the arrival of many Arab tourists and visitors to the US, I have came to see them take pictures as evidence of their visit to America. As a rule of thump, Arabs prefer not pictures of food, it only says we are hungry and we come from poor families.
  1. Cars, nice cars any cars really—a Honda might be classified as a nice car.
  2. The McDonald’s golden arches and the KFC Bucket Logo—Taco is too weird.
  3. Any one in uniform—a policeman, a firefighter, a plumber. (Oh Sweet Democracy).
  4. Blondes—real of fake it does not matter.
  5. Servers @ Hooters—only to be shared with the dudes back at home.
  6. Hookahs, nothing screams I am keeping it real as blowing smoke.
  7. Anything that comes on time is worth taking its picture.
  8. Homeless folks with their coin jar to tell wise crack jokes about poor Americans.
  9. Mosques and Arabic churches—they are like the Arab McDonald’s.
  10. Government offices—Oh sweet Democracy.
  11. Airplanes, we really cannot help by take pictures of those flying beasts.
  12. Bridges, dams and those damn FBI undercover agents.
  13. Segways, those silly mobility devices--Because the roads back home are not ready yet.
  14. Extremely obese people moving on scooters.
  15. Anybody that looks like a rapper. It says I got culture.
  16. People in exercise outfit--Sorry we do not exercises and if we do, we are not wearing anything.

A safe rule is, if rednecks like something, chances Arabs will be taking pictures of. Big Cars, guns, animals, fireworks...etc.




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