Monday, January 10, 2011

A Very Gutsy Tunisian Rapper

Tunisia seems like a nice quite country with not much action of any type, but that is not accurate. In the past three days more than 21 people have lost their lives protesting the high unemployment in their country. That was brutal of the police, the army and their intelligence.

But before that, there was a popular and a courageous rapper from Tunisia known as the General ’الجنرال‘ to his fans who has an awesome rap, angry it's painful to hear yes...but the rapper summed it up really well, all what's wrong with his country was the topic of his rap. He addressed the president and was bold in his song. That's why it came as no a surprise when his song went viral all over the Arabic speaking world as they share a lot with the words and the struggle the rapper has expressed in his all too real song.

Never have I seen a rapper so charged, some animated and yes so touching as in this rap, it seems coming from the gut with all the firepower there is from someone who seems to have nothing to lose. they put him in jail for days, and if it was not for the international outcry on his arrest and the tragic deaths in that county, the young rapper would never have seen the light of day...but he was bold when he released his song and now he is very lucky to be walking on Gods' earth again as he was released just hours ago.

اعتقال مغني الراب حمادة بن عون صاحب أغنية رئيس لبلاد Tunisian Rapper Hamada Bin 'Aoun




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