Monday, February 07, 2011

Please Get Mad: Omar Offendum, The Narcicyst, Freeway, Ayah, Amir Sulaiman

Yes, this is rap at its finest, a rap that truly fires you up and makes you want to attend a rally and shout to bring an end of the injustice you see. A number of A list Arab American rappers and musicians came together to bring this beautiful collaboration. The people of Egypt need no attention right now, they've earned the attention of the world and its leaders. What they need is to keep the momentum going, keep the fire within.

That's where I think "#Jan25″ comes to the rescue, reminding us of the date it all started with little attention at first. While most causalities happened on January 28th, "#Jan25" bring it all together with a wonderful video montage of the protests in and around Egypt and the brutality of the very group that is meant to keep the Egyptians safe. This is the day that will be marked in history where the government and its agents have officially lost it and thus lost the war. It's the day that gave value to saying, "I am Egyptian", you can say it now and roar!

What draws me about this song, is more than its high energy, and testosterone charged lyrics, but rather the poetry in both Arabic and English. I have not this done before where Arabic lyrics and English ones complement each other. And both languages deliver a high dose of a well placed rage. This what comes out when you have something bothering you that allows you to channel a limitless warehouse of an emotions.

Two thumps up to Sami Matar, the Palestinian-American composer from Southern California, and The Narcicyst, Omar Offendum, Amir Sulaiman, and vocalist Ayah. While their song is about Egypt, it resonates with the great majority of the Arab world, as the plight is too familiar. Had enough? Are you angry yet?

Omar Offendum, The Narcicyst, Freeway, Ayah, Amir Sulaiman - #Jan25 (Produced by Sami Matar)




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