Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Why America Has Less Use for Arab Dictators Now

Arab dictators are a dime a dozen but I am beginning to think now they are becoming rare collectible novelty. they seem to be falling one after another by the common man in the street. The US cannot ignore people on the streets and they cannot instigate such demonstrations. But I think now they realize they do not really need dictators as they used to.
  1. Oil is not going to be here forever, and US is trying to do without it, so those brutal dictators cannot now think they are safe, as the world needs this resources less. As we move toward alternative energy, more Arabs will live in democracy.
  2. The world is more connected now and American cannot just ignore the plight of people longing for democracy. Social media brings this plight to your pocket. America needs to walk the walk and practice what they preach. Dictators cannot just dismiss accusations since everything now can be recorded and broadcasted to the masses around the censorship. We are all connected to each other by more than just wires.
  3. Information is power, America is now a giant in this field and the more access to information people have, the wealthier American companies become. Dictators censor and block those services making it bad for American business.
  4. Radicals around the world call on American for supporting dictators is a cause for their radicalism toward America. So the less support those dictators have form the US, the less likely this cause will be used by violent extremists.
  5. Israel does not need protection anymore, they feel that most their neighbors are on the moon now. So countries like Syria and Iran do not really matter. They have built walls, state of the art army and they got the nuclear heads. On another note, the country of Israel has a right wing government that does not even know how to talk to allies let alone enemies. So in a way, no one really cares about the government in Israel, becasue they are so extreme and out of the mainstream.
  6. The US just fought wars and marketed them as bringing democracy, many American have lost their lives becasue of this cause, I think no one should let them die in vein, if we really do not believe in democracy, why would we send them to some foreign land like Iraq. (cheap oil is good too)




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