Saturday, February 12, 2011

OK, Tamer Hosny We Get It! You Cried For It

Some picture of what once the biggest pop star in Egypt who totaly missed the boat on the protest, and has tried to stop the change form happing. Since then he cried and people laughed at his attempt to become thbe bbigest fame whore....But he really got in the news...and the Tahrir protesters have since forgave him and asked him to come back to march with them.

He did something actually to try to save his career, he somehow managed to make nice with the majority of his young other missed the boat, but he might be able to come out of this looking good. I am waiting on the next move of Amr Diab, Tamer Hosny' arch rival and biggest pop icon who has been out of touch on the whole thing, he did not comment on anything, some argue he left Egypt--his office denies those rumors. But no one denies that Amr Diab is a big fan of the former dictator. As of now Tamer Hosny has won this round.




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